VMware discovery


twigs allows you to discover and model VMware products and services including vCenter and ESXi as assets. This discovery is done using VMware vSphere python SDK. Only vCenter and ESXi instances will be discovered currently. Support will be enhanced to discover other VMware products and licenses over time. Other information such as cluster, datacenter will also be discovered and used for automatic tagging via twigs.


VMware vSphere python SDK – pyvmomi is required. This will be installed automatically as part of twigs installation or can be separately installed via the ‘pip’ command.

Read-only access to a vSphere / vCenter console is required as user name and password.


Use the VMware discovery mode in twigs as follows:

twigs vmware --host <vCenter/vSphere HOSTNAME/IP> --user <vCenter/vSphere USER> [--password <password>]

Password can also be set in an environment variable as ‘VCENTER_PASSWD’.

If available, the environment variable will have precedence over the command line password.