Twigs is available as a python package and can be installed on most Linux distributions having python 2.7 or 3.x using ‘pip’ as below:

sudo pip install twigs

Twigs is compatible with Python 2.7 and 3.x. Going forward support for python 2.7 will be deprecated.

It is recommended to use virtual environments to create isolated Python environments and reduce dependency conflicts. Please use the following commands to create new virtual environment depending on your python version and install twigs:

# Python 3.x

python3 -m venv twigs_env

cd twigs_env

source bin/activate

pip3 install twigs    

# Python 2.7

python -m virtualenv –python=/usr/bin/python2.7 twigs_env_2_7

cd twigs_env_2_7

source bin/activate

pip install twigs

Twigs is also available as a PowerShell script for Windows discovery as well as in pre-packaged images for AWS, Docker and DigitalOcean. Please refer to documentation further for details on this.