How can I view Secrets detected in source code across multiple assets?

To view the Secrets detected in source code across multiple assets, follow the steps below:

  1. Login into I3 Portal
  2. Using the left floating menu navigate to Analytics —> Vulnerabilities —> Code
  3. You can filter the Secrets findings as below:
    • Specify search string in the Search box. This is searched in the following: Source filename, Discovery Type, Status, RegEx Name and Source Code Snippet.
    • Specify the State of the finding i.e. Open / Resolved / Ignored
    • Click on the charts (Discovery Type, Tags) for further filtering
  4. Filtered secrets are displayed in the table below.
  5. To view details about a secret click on the Line # column link.
  6. To change the state of a selected issue, click on State value link in the Status column and toggle the state in the displayed pop-up window.