Initial Setup

Twigs requires ThreatWorx platform credentials to connect to your dedicated ThreatWorx instance during the discovery process. At the end of the discovery run, the attack surface metadata will be reported securely to the ThreatWorx instance to be represented as “Assets”.

You can use one of the three options to initialize twigs.

Option 1

You can also specify the three parameters as part of individual twigs runs using the –token , –instance and

–handle options on the command line.

twigs --handle <user email> --token <API token> --instance <dedicated threatworx instance fqdn>

Option 2

twigs provides “login” and “logout” capability. This allows users to authenticate via twigs to their ThreatWorx service instance. Once logged in, users do not need to provide their details while running twigs command every time.

The login command is below:

twigs login

Similarly to logout from twigs, you can run the command below:

twigs logout

This allows you to use twigs in a multi-user mode using the same installation. This option, however is not currently supported if SSO is enabled on your dedicated ThreatWorx instance.

Option 3

Configure your environment setup (via something like .bashrc for Bash Shell) to store typical parameters required with twigs.

These parameters are as follows:

  • TW_HANDLE – User login to be used for asset ingestion. Note this user becomes the owner of the ingested assets.
  • TW_TOKEN – API token for the specific user. You can find the value by following below steps:
    1. Login into ThreatWorx console
    2. Click on “Profile” in top menu
    3. Click on “Key Management” in left menu
    4. If you have not generated an API Key as yet, then click on “Generate New Key”, else click on “Copy to clipboard”. Note if you re-generate a new API key, then earlier key is disabled by default.
  • TW_INSTANCE – The dedicated ThreatWorx instance provisioned for your organization e.g.
  • Save these as follows in your profile script (like .bashrc):

export TW_HANDLE=<your login>

export TW_TOKEN=<your API key>

export TW_INSTANCE=<your TW instance>

  • Next time you login, these variables will be automatically set and will help reduce the clutter in your twigs command-line.

Order of Precedence

If all three options are provided then the order or precedence is as follows,

Option 1 ( First Preference )

Option 2 ( Second Preference )

Option 3 ( Third Preference )