Endpoint Security

Protect your servers, network and other devices

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Windows Linux VMware NMAP Scans Devices CIS Benchmarks

Our advantages

Agent less, zero trust

Agent less, zero trust discovery unlike other scanning solutions. By using our simple, python based, open source twigs script, you can be sure that your credentials are never shared with ThreatWorx.

Early detection

Don’t wait for scanner plugins. Detect and prioritize new vulnerabilities as soon as they surface.


No redundant manual scans. Use our real time alerts, webhooks and ReST API and integrations with JIRA, Slack, MS Teams for remediations and downstream workflows.

Simple, no-hassle pricing

Simple, flat pricing, not tied to number of endpoints, users or scans.

Future proof

Stop looking for point solutions. When you are ready, ThreatWorx will easily address your other proactive security requirements for code, containers, cloud and more.

Agent less off-network scans


Point our open source discovery CLI twigs to your servers, CIDRs or VMware installation
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Discover and scan endpoint for critical vulnerabilities without overhead of network scans
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Manage your vulnerability backlog by reducing workload using our efficient and accurate prioritization
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Step 3


Flexible options to integrate the platform with a wide variety of point solutions for discovery of your attack surface as well as for remediations and other tooling. Use our powerful ReST API and our native Webhooks to build your own workflows.

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