Third Party Security

“Inside-out” look at the true exposure of your vendors, partners and supply chains using SBOMs

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CycloneDX SPDX Inside-out Risk SBOM Generation SBOM Ingest Vendor Management SBOM Management

Our advantages


Stop relying on score card solutions providing “out-side in” vendor risk scores. Leverage the power of SBOMs to uncover true inside-out risk of your vendors, partners and supply chains

SBOM management

Ingest any SBOMs of any type from your vendors.

Vendor management

Onboard and organize vendors and partners on the platform. Track and visualize risk of different vendors. Incentivize vendors to participate in your program by sharing platform access with them.


Automate SBOM generation and uploads. Continuously track new vulnerabilities for vendors. 

Future proof

Stop looking for point solutions. When you are ready, ThreatWorx will easily address your other proactive security requirements for code, containers, cloud and more.

Inside-out third party risk using SBOMs


Source and upload SBOMs from your vendors, partners
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Assess vendors for their true inside-out risk for threats and vulnerabilities
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Collaborate with your vendors on automating SBOM generation and upload using twigs CLI
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Step 3


Flexible options to integrate the platform with a wide variety of point solutions for discovery of your attack surface as well as for remediations and other tooling. Use our powerful ReST API and our native Webhooks to build your own workflows.

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