Install and configure the App Service

  • Ensure requirements are satisfied on linux system, especially docker support and https inbound / outbound connectivity
  • Download / clone the ThreatWorx GitLab App repository

git clone

  • Run the script to create self signed certificates

cd gitlab_app ./

If you have ssl certificates, copy them to the config directory and edit the uwsgi.ini to use your certificates

https = =0,/opt/tw_gitlab_app/config/my.cert,/opt/tw_gitlab_app/config/my.key,...
  • Start the app service by running the docker compose or the docker-compose command

docker compose up -d

  • Point a browser to https://linux-system to configure the app service

The browser will complain about the self signed certificate if are using one

Please be sure to replace it with an appropriate ssl certificate

  • Provide required details of your ThreatWorx subscription on the form
  • Provide GitLab user, access token and optional webhook secret
  • Select required options for app service and click Configure

These options can be changed later by editing the ./config/config.ini file

App will initially do a complete dependency vulnerability scan for all selected repositories

After that, any push will trigger a rescan of the change that is committed