Cloud ready images

Twigs cloud native images are currently available for AWS, docker hub and Digital Ocean marketplaces. These images are free to download and use and are built and maintained by ThreatWorx to contain all the requirements and dependencies of twigs including any native components or other open source dependencies. Please check for updates in the section as we add such images for more cloud vendors and their marketplaces.

Twigs Docker Image

Twigs docker image is easy to use on any Linux system with Docker installed. Just pull the latest twigs image from docker hub:

docker pull threatworx/twigs

And then run it with the standard twigs command line options

docker run threatworx/twigs aws -h

If you need to use the twigs docker image for discovering other docker images or k8s environments, it is necessary to have access to docker service inside the twigs instance. This can be easily accomplished by passing the docker unix socket to the instance. This can be accomplished by a a command like this while starting the twigs docker instance:

docker run -it -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock threatworx/twigs:latest

The twigs docker image already contains the other dependencies required for docker image discovery.

Twigs docker image is also available for MacOS (arm64/v8) platform:

docker pull threatworx/twigs:arm64