How can I view misconfiguration findings across assets for my cloud, container, hosts, etc.?

To view misconfiguration findings for your cloud, container, hosts etc. follow the steps below:

  1. Login into I3 Portal
  2. Using the left floating menu navigate to Analytics —> Security Posture —> Misconfigurations
  3. You can filter the misconfiguration findings as below:
    • Specify search text in the Search box. This is searched in the following: Title, Status and Resource
    • Specify the State (Open / Resolved / Ignored) of the finding
    • Click on the charts (Rating Classification, Asset Types, Issue Types, Tags) for further filtering
  4. Filtered issues are displayed in the table below
  5. To view the details for a specific Misconfiguration Issue, click the link in the Title column. Note you can change the state for a specific misconfiguration issue, by toggling the state in the displayed pop-up window.