How do I create an Asset Purge policy?

To create an Asset Purge Policy follow the steps below:

  1. Login into I3 Portal
  2. Using the left floating menu navigate to Policies —> Create
  3. Specify a Policy Name, select the Policy Type as Asset Purge and click Next
  4. Select the Policy Template as Purged aged assets and click Next
  5. As part of policy configuration:
    • Specify the Duration (in days) after which stale assets (i.e. assets not refreshed in the last n days) will be purged
    • Check the All Assets checkbox if you wish to run this policy for assets owned by anyone, else keep it unchecked for your own assets i.e. My Assets
    • Specify the schedule to run this policy (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Custom in crontab format)
    • Specify if you want to run this policy immediately
    • Enable this policy for use and click Next
  6. Review the policy and click Create Policy button