Quick start

Before you start using the discovery app, there a few pre-requisites:

  • Ensure requirements are satisfied on linux system, especially docker support (if required), https inbound / outbound connectivity, twigs CLI and cron support (if running standalone).
  • Download / clone the ThreatWorx Discovery App repository

git clone https://github.com/threatworx/discovery_app.git

  • Run the setup.sh script to create self signed certificates

cd discovery_app


  • Modify the uwsgi.ini (or uwsgi-local.ini if you are running as as standalone app) for http/https ports and certificates.
  • Start the app service by running the docker compose or the docker-compose command

docker compose up -d


Start the app service in standalone mode on the system by running ./run.sh script

  • Point a browser to https://linux-system to start using the app

Most of the options and configuration can be changed later by editing the ./config/config.ini or the ./config/uwsgi.ini or ./config/uwsgi-local.ini files.

For example, any existing discovery scan configurations can be deleted or modified from the config.ini

Restarting the app server will refresh the scan configurations in their respective cron schedules.