How do I update the status of one or more issues reported for an asset?

To view Vulnerable Components for an asset in the I3 portal, follow the steps below:

  1. Login into I3 Portal
  2. Using the left floating menu navigate to Assets —> Manage
  3. Click on the link in the Asset Name column for the specific asset in the Assets table.
  4. On the Asset details page, click on the relevant tab for specific type of issue (for example: Vulnerable Components, Misconfigurations, Code Vulnerabilities, Code Secrets) from the ribbon menu
  5. You can filter issues on the page by using appropriate filters and charts provided on the page if needed
  6. You can select all (filtered) issues across pages by clicking on the Checkbox in the header row of the issues table Or select single individual issues by clicking on the checkbox for specific issue rows in the issues table
  7. After selecting required issues, click on Change Status button and click the desired new status from the dropdown menu.

After issues are successfully updated, you will get a confirmation message.