How to generate CSV report of Secrets detected in source code for an asset?

To view Secrets for an asset in the I3 portal, follow the steps below:

  1. Login into I3 Portal
  2. Using the left floating menu navigate to Assets —> Manage
  3. Click on the link in the Asset Name column for the specific asset in the Assets table.
  4. On the Asset details page, click on Code Secrets from the ribbon menu
  5. You can filter the Secrets findings as below:
    • Specify search string in the Search box. This is searched in the following: Source filename, Discovery Type, Status, RegEx Name and Source Code Snippet.
    • Specify the State of the finding i.e. Open / Resolved / Ignored
    • Click on the chart (Discovery Type) for further filtering
  6. Filtered secrets are displayed in the table below.
  7. Click on CSV Reports button above the Secrets table to immediate generate or schedule a report of Secret findings.