In InfoSec stress is a given, especially given that the InfoSec team needs to be right every time while bad actors need to be right only once. Vulnerability scanners overwhelm InfoSec teams, since these tools spew out a torrent of vulnerabilities. The whole scanning paradigm has outlived its value, but more about in a separate blog later. InfoSec teams struggle to prioritize these vulnerabilities and in turn struggle to determine which ones to address first. To further compound things, organizations typically use multiple vulnerability scanning tools for well rounded coverage (nothing wrong there), but this overwhelms InfoSec team further.

Ideally InfoSec teams would want to address those vulnerabilities (on critical infrastructure) which either have a known exploit or a fairly high degree of exploitability in the near future, everything else can wait. This seems simple enough till you realize that there is no way for InfoSec team to predict exploitability of vulnerability. Introducing Attenu8 platform from ThreatWorx. Attenu8 (pronounced as ‘Attenuate’) is AI/ML platform which comprises of multiple AI/ML models to make life simpler for InfoSec teams while improving overall security posture of the organization. Attenu8 is the right tool for InfoSec teams since it can help predict exploitability score for a vulnerability. Attenu8 takes this once step further by leveraging the predicted vulnerability exploitability score to arrive at overall prioritization by considering other key aspects which include but are not limited to:

Attenu8 platform is comprehensive and includes support for the following:

Attenu8 platform coupled with ThreatWorx’s machine powered vulnerability curation ensures correct prioritization for InfoSec teams. We understand that InfoSec teams leverage multiple vulnerability tools and they can import scan reports from other tools (like Nessus, Qualys and more) into ThreatWorx and leverage Attenu8 to get a prioritized list of vulnerabilities.

Attenu8 platform can help identify those top 5-7% vulnerabilities that need immediate attention. Thus help InfoSec team reduce their prioritized patching workload by over 80%. InfoSec teams only need to take care of patching or remedying the DoNow priority issues.

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