Releasing ThreatWatch OpenAPI package for python – pytw

by Paresh Borkar

It is our pleasure to announce public release and availability of python package for ThreatWatch OpenAPI – pytw.


pytw is an open source initiative from ThreatWatch provides a comprehensive and solid python interface for integrating with ThreatWatch in an seamless manner. pytw provides capabilities to manage and work with “core objects/entities” in ThreatWatch (like assets, vulnerabilities and impacts). It bundles existing sample for typical uses-cases like some of the ones mentioned below:

  • Asset discovery – Refer to sample RedHat platform family agent which helps collect package details and creates/updates asset information based on the same. Similarly one can easily create assets based on CloudEra components using CDH Discovery script.
  • Publishing intel about new discovered vulnerabilities to your corporate communication channel – Refer to sample integration provides for Slack and Google Chat which helps depict how to go about leveraging pytw for this scenario.

The possibilities for integration using pytw are endless. ThreatWatch is committed to supporting pytw and would like to invite community participation in making additional integration samples available for everyone’s benefit.


Here are relevant links related to pytw to get started:


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