In view of two major ransomware attacks, the Colonial pipeline and JBS, it’s time to refocus on proactive cyber security as time and again reactive security controls have failed to prevent large scale and targeted ransomeware attacks.

Here is a glimpse of the state of things when it comes to ransomware attacks:

(Courtesy: Combating Ransomware – Ransomware Task Force (RTF))

Only 8% of the businesses that paid a ransom got all of their data back. Thus, indicating that a paid ransom, guarantees little.

Ransomware as a service (RaaS) is a business model that provides ransomware capabilities to would-be criminals who do not have the skills or resources to develop their own malware.

Two-thirds of the ransomware attacks in 2020 were using a RaaS model. 

Given this shift, what actions/steps can businesses take to prevent a ransomware attack or limit the impact of a ransomware attack. Chris Krebs provides us some guidance in his tweet. We will further build on it to provide an initial plan of action for an organizations as well, but let us start with guidance from Chris:

Additionally we recommend that you look at the guidance provided below:

Stay ahead of the curve with a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

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