RSA recently published “20 Predictions for 2020”. These are spot on and interesting. While these predictions cover the complete security landscape, I would like to draw attention to one specific prediction here, “#5 – Security shifts left”.

The basic idea with “security shifts left” is to ensure that DevOps teams perform required steps during CI/CD process to bake in security aspects/requirements in the solution during development itself. Currently security is quite often an afterthought i.e. post development. Let me give some examples here:

It is best to plugin these gaps by allowing “security to shift left” and move these assessments/checks earlier in the cycle. CI/CD is the right place to plugin the right tools to ensure continuous assessment (via DevSecOps methodology). These tools need to be developer-friendly and de-centralized to allow engineers to use these locally on their development boxes directly. The traditional model of submitting requests to a central AppSec team simply does not work well nor scale.

ThreatWatch (TW) provides a SKU for DevOps with the following capabilities:

TW provides ability to track above items across multiple version of the software (released or in development)

All of these capabilities can be made directly available to engineers. This is a complete shift left from security perspective. Also, TW tools can be incorporated in your CI/CD workflow to ensure that regular assessments and compliance checks happen all along. Thus ensuring no surprises towards the tail end of the release.

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