Our Mission

Our mission is reduce the window of compromise from cyber threats using big data and AI.

Hackers are increasingly using AI and automation to breach our systems. Conventional proactive security using vulnerability scanners is no longer able to keep up with the deluge of vulnerabilities. Scanning itself is redundant and does not scale well to todays demands. Attack surfaces are becoming more and more fragmented. Proactive security is woefully outdated and our adversaries are always ahead of us.

We at ThreatWorx believe that today’s machines, with the right AI techniques, are capable of curating and correlating threat and vulnerability intelligence faster and more consistently than teams of humans. We believe that vulnerability scanning is outdated and needs to be adapted to better suit our continuously evolving attack surfaces. We believe agent-less (wherever possible) continuous assessments is the best way to address the ever growing sprawl of our attack surfaces. We believe prioritization of threats and vulnerabilities is the only way to address backlogs. And finally, we believe there needs to be a single solution that can address all these issues for all types of attack surfaces.

ThreatWorx aims to be that solution.