About Attenu8

ThreatWorx Attenu8 threat intelligence curation is at the heart of the ThreatWorx platform. It uses a range of advanced curation techniques to surface publicly disclosed threats and vulnerabilities in near real-time and create the most up to date picture of vulnerabilities, malware and other threats being reported across the world wide web and darkweb.

Attenu8 continuously scours more than ten thousand sources across the world wide web and dark web for structured and unstructured content related to publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, threats, exploits, patches, remediations and other information. Using advanced AI models, Attenu8 then normalizes, correlates and canonicalizes this information into a form that can later be used by the platform for threat and vulnerability assessments. Attenu8 AI is also able to predict metrics like exploitability and CVSS scores for vulnerabilities where this information is not yet readily available.

Some of the sources that Attenu8 monitors include vendor vulnerability bulletins (Microsoft, Red Hat, Cisco etc.), security mailing lists and message boards, social media (Twitter, Reddit etc.), dark web forums and marketplaces, vulnerability and threat disclosure websites (e.g. Project Zero), foreign vulnerability databases (BDU, CNNVD etc.), open source projects (e.g. Apache), Github and many others.

Attenu8 aims to continue to expand its coverage for public vulnerabilities and threats reported anywhere in the world in near real-time and bring this most up to date information for consumption using a powerful ReST API and the ThreatWorx web console.